Schamanische Reise

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind, dating back tens of thousands of years and spanning all continents of the Earth.

From Africa, Siberia, Asia, Europe, Australia, Greenland and throughout the entire American continent, shamanism is being practiced up until today. The fact that it is tens of thousands of years old and still exists goes to show how powerful this work is.

Since shamanism deals with the spiritual aspect of illness, it can easily be combined with classical medical or psychological methods. Today, many traditional cultures see shamans working alongside medical doctors.
(Sandra Ingermann)

Shamans were the first doctors and psychologists. Thanks to their ability to communicate they would mediate between the worlds – between the spiritual or animal realm and the human realm. They would ask for directions to new pastures or hunting grounds for the clans.

Today, our GPS shows us the way to material worlds. Communicating with the spiritual or animal world, however, is something that eludes most modern people. Problems are viewed exclusively from a mental point of view, and very often this makes people go round and round in circles.

A shamanic journey allows us to view our problems from a higher perspective and, more often than not, solve them.

  • We assist in healing the spiritual aspect of an illness (in humans and animals).
  • We recover missing parts of the soul (parts of the soul can be lost, for instance, due to accidents, surgery, shock, trauma, all kinds of abuse).
    Wherever parts of the soul are missing, there is a gap, and this gap is often filled with illnesses, fear, depression and addictions.
  • By asking targeted questions during shamanic journeys, shamanic work enables you to receive answers to any areas of your life..

Shamanic journeys can give you so much information … Ask your question, no matter what topic oor problem it is, and let’s see what we’ll discover!

I conduct shamanic journeys remotely… So you don’t need to be anywhere to see me in person.

I charge 80,- Euro for a consulting journey.


This treatment is no substitute for a visit to the doctor or alternative practicioner.
Shamanic work includes the healing of physical and mental illnesses by working on the spiritual aspect of a disorder.