Patricia Pawlar

For many years, I’ve been studying and applying holistic healing methods.

By applying target-oriented treatments, I remove blocks on all levels (body, mind and soul), thus allowing for the energies to flow freely again and your self-healing powers to be activated.

Each treatment is geared towards your individual needs. My offers range from energetic body work, fascial body work, modern radiesthesia and stress reduction to individual coaching sessions.

In my work, I especially focus on the manual fascial work ESSE which allows to detect tensions, blocks and energy deficiency states in the musculoskeletal system. It is especially recommended after injuries, traumata, pain in the body and any restrictions of movement.

I offer new perspectives and alternative healing methods that are a wonderful addition to general medicine and psychology. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive; in fact both can complement each other very effectively.

My work with people and also with animals is holistic. Body, mind and soul are my focus.

For legal reasons I would like to point out that my treatment methods are no substitute for a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.


Education and training::

  • Access Bars® Facilitator
  • Access Bars® class
  • Access The Foundation, incl. body processes
  • Access Global Foundation with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer
  • Access Körper Class with Dr. Carleta Tiba
  • Access Körper Class with Kass Thomas
  • Access Körper Class with Shannon O’Hara
  • Access Consciousness The Foundation, incl. body processes
  • Being You Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer
  • ESSE for Bodies (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment) with Dr. Andrew Gardella
  • TTTA Talk to the animals mit Suzy Godzey
  • The Elegance of Creating True Wealth, The 2Bowmans
  • Shamanic Training after Amelia Kinkade and Jonathan Horwitz
  • Access Consciousness Symphony of Possibilities with Dr. Dain Heer
  • Access Consciousness Choice of Possibilities with Gary Douglas
  • Access Consciousness Choice of Possibilities with Simone Milasas