ESSE™ Fascial Tissue Work

Manuelle Faszientherapie, Faszienmassage energetische Faszienbehandlung

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE™) is a unique body work of Access Consciousness™.

It combines practical hands on manipulation techniques targeting the connective fascial tissue and energetic systems located throughout every inch of the body.

So ESSE is a deep tissue work that combines manual techniques and energetic work.


ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and form of the body resulting in an ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems. Scientific research illustrates that the fascial system responds to a question. The tools of Access Consciousness™ invite you to be in the question in all aspects of your life and your body.

All the connective fascial tissue of the body from the cellular level to the major body systems can be affected by this hands-on and energetic method of manual therapy.

It can be used to alleviate physical conditions and also simply for relaxation.

The FASCIAL TREATMENT is targeted at:

  • Activating the self-healing powers of all organs and bodily functions
  • Higher performance and endurance, especially in sports
  • Releasing pain and traumata that are locked into the body and were caused by falls, accidents, surgery etc.
  • Blocks locked into the body
  • Motion restrictions

An average session takes around ca. 60 – 90 minutes.
ca. 60 minutes for 90,- €
ca. 90 minutes for 120,- €

All prices incl. VAT.

Payment methods: cash, bank transfer or PayPal