Patricia Pawlar

Patricia Pawlar
born May 27, 1976

I’ve been working with people and animals for many years now. Besides this, I have completed a number of trainings: Matrix quantum healing, Suma-RA Healing, Geomancy – i.e. the energetic cleansing of disruptive energies, modern radiesthesia, animal communication, shamanism and Access Consciousness®.

Working with energy, bodies and consciousness can open up new ways to return to your full power.

What contribution can I be to you in 1:1 or remote sessions?
What contribution can I be for your pet?
I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Important notice
For legal reasons I would like to point out that my treatments are not medical therapeutic treatments in the sense of generally accepted conventional medical methods.
I expressly state that I do not promise any healing or guarantee or promise an alleviation of illnesses.
The therapy methods and energetic treatments offered by me do not constitute a contractual offer or legally valid information and by no means replace a personal consultation with medical professionals. In case of illness, please consult your doctor, alternative practitioner or health care professional.